SWOT: Vitamins and Pain Killers

SWOT. It’s the chart used for visualizing a person’s traits or a business idea – broken down into Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Most business people know about this tool and have likely spent quality time trying to discern their lists, personally and for their company. Charting out a SWOT, for me, is painful. I, like many folks I have the opportunity to work with and for, like to think I can do (al)most anything for my business. (Quantum Mechanics and other topics not included;) The ability to (honestly) work through one’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats AND put them on paper – especially where others can see them can be daunting. However, if your business is to survive and hopefully thrive, pen to paper is advised.

Hint: you can create a SWOT chart in Word or Excel…or just pull out the Sharpies and get at it.

When considering how you/your company view Environmental, Health and Safety issues/concerns, a few minutes with your chart and your pen is strongly recommended. A few questions about your Weaknesses and Threats boxes — Are the first “fixes” you consider real fixes? With lasting effect, with all things considered?

To me, this all boils down to newest favorite question: “Is your fix a vitamin or a painkiller?”

When you have concerns about your Safety W and T boxes, contact us for a free one hour consultation. Keystone Safety Services works like crazy to be painkillers.


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