Safety Cop or ESH Professional?

We’re in construction. What an amazing industry, and what a wonderfully diverse group of folks who come together to build highways, hospitals, schools, high rises, bridges, stores, warehouses; all things horizontal and vertical. The diversity of what we do and how it gets done, without any doubt for me, is simply amazing. The industry and the people in the industry that I have had the fortune to get to know, in my opinion, are the very last cowboys. Get ‘er done people to say the very least.

With the attitude of getting it done, comes some reasons to ask some questions about how you/your company perceive the role of your Safety Professional(s) – either your employee or your retained service provider. Do you see your Safety Professional as the one that does a constant got ‘cha act? Always on the lookout for any infraction, any excuse to call someone out? Furiously taking photos, taking notes and looking under every rock, in every instance? And reporting, reporting, reporting… Or do you favor the approach of creating a viable, relevant and comprehensive ESH plan and working with a Professional who works to impart knowledge and works toward worker involvement and cooperation? I like the latter option. I think you and your workforce will too! Contact Keystone Safety Services for a free one hour consultation.


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