How Many Hats Can I Wear?

How Many Hats Can I Wear

As companies look to save money at every opportunity, time after time they look to their Safety Professional. Many Executives and Managers do not perceive the company’s Safety Professional as being “busy” due to their product is not on the shelf for sale. When this mindset is accepted the extra task start stacking on. HR,…

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Cost Center or Profit Center


I’ve been in the construction industry for more than two decades. I feel safe in betting that I can predict the first or second question or hesitation when I offer essential services…and many of the objections contain one or more of these words: Raw Cost, Operating Cost, Cost Expenses Expenditures Outlay Overhead Expenditures I would…

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Safety Cop or ESH Professional?


We’re in construction. What an amazing industry, and what a wonderfully diverse group of folks who come together to build highways, hospitals, schools, high rises, bridges, stores, warehouses; all things horizontal and vertical. The diversity of what we do and how it gets done, without any doubt for me, is simply amazing. The industry and…

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SWOT: Vitamins and Pain Killers


SWOT. It’s the chart used for visualizing a person’s traits or a business idea – broken down into Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Most business people know about this tool and have likely spent quality time trying to discern their lists, personally and for their company. Charting out a SWOT, for me, is painful. I,…

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