Cost Center or Profit Center

I’ve been in the construction industry for more than two decades. I feel safe in betting that I can predict the first or second question or hesitation when I offer essential services…and many of the objections contain one or more of these words:

  • Raw Cost, Operating Cost, Cost
  • Expenses
  • Expenditures
  • Outlay
  • Overhead
  • Expenditures

I would ask you, dear reader, to consider my immediate answer which will include reference to ROI. Return on Investment. Just what is ROI? And why bring that up? ROI is defined and (re)defined in many, many ways. So, let’s start with my interpretation.

A training program or Safety based implementation showing financial value of $700,000.00 and a project cost of $500,000.00 the simple ROI is:


or an ROI of 40%. Try getting a ROI of that magnitude at your bank.

  • If your company is a $2,000,000 a year enterprise, and you implement a training program or start a safety initiative which saves $230,000 the first year, costs $88,000 to implement, and is projected to save $150,000 per year for the next 10 years, how much savings does this mean for your company over the next 2 years? the next decade? % and $?
  • What if you changed 2 things?

In a rapidly changing global economy in which innovation means the difference between business success and failure, the skills and abilities industries require of their workforce evolve more rapidly than ever before.  At Keystone Safety Services, we take Consulting, Recruiting, and Training very seriously – we work with clients to create programs and projects for companies based on their specific needs.
While working with clients, Keystone Safety Services focuses on ROI (Return on Investment) for the Client. Working with clients to develop projects, programs and evaluation tools means helping businesses define objectives – and then how to align those objectives with business needs:

  • safety
  • financial considerations
  • quality
  • efficiency
  • productivity
  • profitability.

We understand the real and potential effect changes can have on an organization. Keystone Safety understands ROI is a business consideration in every forward thinking organization – and that ROI is at the heart of business decisions! Contact Keystone Safety Services to schedule a free hour of consulting about your company.


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