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Recruiting and Placement of Safety Professionals

We strive to provide unparalleled service tailored to every company and for each candidate based on their needs and wants. Keystone Safety Services enjoys being fundamentally different; our passion is based on our commitment to exceed expectations for our clients. We know you entrust us with finding quality Safety Professional candidates who are the "Right Fit” for your company. We provide our clients with top-notch service by presenting top candidates. We know where the talent is and where to find them. Most are not looking at job boards or posting their resume, they are hard at work at their current job.

Our Direct Hire, "Right Fit” reputation is growing from our focus on quality service, our shared values, our professional standards, and our dedication to personalized service and confidentiality.

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Are you ready to make a career move?

Spend less time searching, more time working.  Keystone Safety Services handles your search while you concentrate on your current job.

  • Get your resume in front of decision makers
  • Schedule calls and meetings when it’s convenient for you
  • Interview only for jobs that are the "Right Fit”
  • Go into each interview thoroughly prepared

Contact Keystone Safety Services today to begin your discrete job search.


Looking for a High-Performer to join your team?

You make money completing projects, not searching for staff. Using Keystone Safety Services "Right Fit” direct hire helps you:

  • Spend less time screening resumes
  • Interview fewer candidates
  • Fill critical vacancies faster
  • Reach already employed candidates

Contact us today to discuss a recruitment strategy that fits your needs.


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