Construction Safety Training

Keystone Safety Services offers classes where it's most convenient, on your site or at our offices. We offer OSHA regulatory training and training customized to fit the specific needs of your organization.

Why is Training Important?

A properly trained workforce can create opportunities for your business and avoid costly issues created by employees lacking the safety, skills, knowledge, abilities and regulatory knowledge to be effective. We understand your needs and translate that into training that works.

5 Reasons to Train with Keystone Environmental, Health and Safety Services, Inc.

  • Safety training reduces accidents and protects employees from injuries and illness, saving the company the cost of lost time, diminished productivity, and increased insurance premiums.
  • Training aids in compliance with OSHA standards and decreases the chance of being cited and fined for environmental, health and safety violations.
  • Training increases employee job satisfaction, motivation, and morale.
  • Well-trained employees are more efficient, productive, and loyal.
  • Training helps develop a positive organizational culture in which confident, knowledgeable employees are poised to provide superior products and services to customers.

What Happens If You Don't Train?

  • You may end up with unsafe, underperforming but overpaid workers!

Flexible Training Options

Keystone Safety Services has Construction Industry experts available to develop your company’s Training Matrix. We provide Workforce and Training Needs Assessment services, as well as apprenticeship and specific program development.

Your employees can enroll in courses in our Open Calendar – periodically scheduled classes that cover core topics – come join us at times, dates and locations that match your needs and schedule.

We also offer Closed Session Training – we work with you to create and deliver classes to your company’s specifications – YOUR content - YOUR times - YOUR dates - YOUR locations. We develop unique training to match the unique needs of your organzation.

To learn more about our available offerings, or to discuss a custom training solution for your company, contact Keystone Safety Services for a free consultation.


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