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Survival & Sustainability

Keystone Safety Services offers Consulting Services to organizations who want to change their circumstances and current challenges (survival) and prepare for future challenges (sustainability). One size does not fit all; your business is unique; your needs are specific. Keystone Safety Services works with you to understand your specific business needs before suggesting actions; actions which will create sustainable, long term stability. Prime Contractors and Project owners do NOT want to take on a company that could be a liability for their businesses. To thrive, it is imperative to understand your company’s safety and risk management needs.

The Keystone Safety Services Consulting Process begins with a free us today to schedule your appointment.

Customized Environmental, Health and Safety Plans

Keystone Safety Solutions does not offer an online option for Environmental, Health and Safety Manuals. We have seen too many manuals with no mention of site safety plans, incorrect content, outdated and non-applicable info. Wrong information in your company’s Safety Manuals can hinder your ability to win bids and can hold you accountable for included information that is not in your best interest. Instead, we offer a complimentary review of your current EH&S Manual and can arrange consultation and a review of your Total Safety Program. We create EH&S Manuals – customized to your business, with compliant pre-qualification required language, along with your company specific electronic forms and site specific safety management plans. We also work with your company and your workforce to handle EH&S Manual Implementation and Orientation with your team and with your subcontractors.

As needed Safety Professional Services

Our list of services range from turnkey packages to telephone consultation; Keystone Safety Services specializes in custom solutions. Our services include:

  • Turn-Key Custom EHS program
  • Standard Safety Plan
  • Custom Safety Plan / Includes Forms
  • Site Safety Plan
  • Mock OSHA Inspection / Safety & Risk Audit
  • OSHA 1903, 300/300A/301 Record Keeping

Unique Solutions for Minority and Emerging Contractors

Keystone Safety Services has decades of experience in assisting Emerging and Minority Contractors with their unique needs. We work with “new” construction companies to assess their current state, walk the business through the process of discovering what the desired future state could be, and lay out a path for the company to follow to achieve their goals. We know how it works when you are third or fourth tier.

We have assessed businesses’ safety needs, fiscal condition, trade and technical abilities, business knowledge, proficiency and capacity. The path Keystone Safety Services creates for Minority and Emerging Contractors can include coaching, group or individual training, technical assistance and aligning experts for specific niche assistance. We have a passion for helping companies learn to survive and to thrive. We know your challenges, from the front line. We know the fine line you walk; we speak YOUR language.

OSHA Informal Conference Representation

Do you know if your jobsites are free of hazards? Have you had a citation? How did go? Please do not “wing it”; if you are not successful in your representation, penalties can literally put you out of business. Contact us before the inevitable happens.

Prequalification Assistance

We can assist your company in prequal conditions with ISNetworld®, Avetta™, BROWZ™, etc., Prime Contractors, Owners, Star Sites, etc. Contact us today with your needs.


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