About Keystone Safety Services

We are Keystone Environmental Health and Safety Services, experienced construction professionals with a focus on Safety Consulting, Safety Recruiting and Safety Training. We know construction companies need these services to survive and thrive. Controlling all that your company takes on keeps you crazy busy. We manage your Safety needs FOR you; you can concentrate on your scope of work. We understand your pain points and your challenges and we have seen construction companies “win” and we have seen companies lose; sometimes lose it all. We have successfully worked with mega size companies and we have worked with emerging firms. We know what works. Let us help you win!

By design, Keystone Safety specializes in Construction Safety; that keeps us nimble and responsive to our clients. Understanding where you are now and mitigating future risk is what we do for you. We create opportunities with specific outcomes, with targeted goals, and with measurable results.

How Do We Get Started?

  • To begin, we assess your Safety needs with interviews, surveys and assessments. Surprisingly we often find companies have spent a lot of time and effort (and $) to have a Safety plan that does not match their business model.
  • Then we guide you through a process of understanding what you do have, what you are required to do, and what is best for your company.

Take a few minutes to consider if you want to get a Safety Professional’s opinion of what is best for your company, give us a call at (704) 609-7218 or send an email today to schedule a free one hour consultation.


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